Tauler, Johann

(c. 1300–61)
   Tauler entered the Dominican Order in Strasbourg in 1315. He was known as a famous preacher and spiritual director. Of his devotional writings, only two letters and a few sermons survive. They are straightforward recommendations of practical Christianity, using images drawn from everyday life. The mystical quest was to be pursued by the practice of traditional values and, through the indwelling of God in the human soul, the individual could be empowered to lead a life of greater virtue and self-sacrifice. Tauler practised what he preached. During the period of the Black Death, he was selfless in his care of the ill. Martin luther both admired him and was influenced by his sermons.
   J.M. Clark, The Great German Mystics (1949).

Who’s Who in Christianity . 2014.

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